Cyprus Permanent
Residency Permit

The Category “F” Permanent Residency of Cyprus

This type of permanent residency permit in Cyprus is granted for only those non-EU citizens, who have a secured annual income, which is enough for the cost of living in Cyprus. This income must come from abroad. For example capital gains, deposits, business activities, ownership of companies, pensions, etc.

This  Cyprus residency permit concerns only non-EU citizens, it is granted to the applicant and for his/her family till the rest of their lives. It is also granted for the minor children (under 18 years old but with some exceptions till the age of 25 years old). The new residents are not allowed to work in Cyprus, but they may have a company in Cyprus and receive the dividends from the profit.

Fast-track Procedure for Cyprus Permanent Residency Permit

The required property must be purchased in Cyprus. The buyers can be only the applicant or spouse or a Cyprus company. The property must be new and the vendor must be the developer. The price of the property must be at least 300.000 euros and must provide the proofs of the transfer of at least 200.000 euros from abroad. The applicant has to prove that have at least 30.000 euro income and more 5000 for his/her dependents (family members). The applicant and his/her dependents (spouse and children from 16 years) have to provide a clean criminal record from the country of origin. The new residents must not work in Cyprus. To prove this, they should make Affidavits that they are not going to engage in any professional activity in Cyprus.

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