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There are important related services to the Immigration solutions. For example the new resident or citizen will need bank account for sure and opening the right account is not so easy without professional help. We help to choose the most efficient and secure bank with the right level of bank secrecy. It can be necessary and of course has its benefits to open a new company too.

We have to mention the real estate solutions because in most of the cases the new resident must purchase or rent a new home. The tax planning is always important because it can be reason for the immigration process.

One of the most important field of the immigration solutions is the property management so our clients can open private foundation with the experts of Walsh Worldwide.


Company formation

Opening bank accounts

Tax planning

Private foundations

Company formation

Company formation

We can register your company in the most renowned business and financial centres. Our offices and partners have excellent experience in company formation and their expertise is a guarantee for the swift and precise service provided to our clients. The high-level knowledge of local conditions can ensure that the structure, organisation and documents of the companies comply with the requirements and expectations set forth by authorities and banks.

The financial and offshore centres provide a favourable taxing, accounting and legal environment and qualify as a unique trading and investment location for the companies registered there. We can form companies in the following jurisdictions: Anguilla, Belize, British Virgin Islands, Canada, Cyprus, Hong Kong, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Malaysia (Labuan), Malta, Marshall Islands, Netherlands, New Zealand, Panama, Seychelles, Singapore, Bahamas, United Kingdom.

The selection of jurisdictions which best suits the international commercial or investment operations is generally very burdensome and requires careful consideration. Most financial and offshore centres do not impose any foreign exchange restrictions on businesses and their corporate laws are in line with international business requirements. It is important to choose a site for operations which best suits your company’s and your own personal interests.

Opening bank accounts

We help to our customers in opening bank accounts at financial institutions located worldwide. We can provide a full range of financial services to our clients independtly if it is a matter of an investment service provider, a commercial bank or the opening of an offshore bank account,. Firms registered in one of the countries providing favourable conditions can generally use financial services in any country, because companies are not have to open a bank account in the jurisdiction where they are registered.

Due to our partnership with international financial institutions, independent trustees and offshore banks, our clients regurarly do not need to travel overseas to open a bank account as the documents can be signed and certified in our offices too.

The opening of an offshore bank account begins with a free consultation in which we examinate the business ideas. Next, we measure the services offered by the financial institutes with the needs of our customers and develop customised banking resolutions to ensure that our clients can securely form stable plans for their business.

When choosing the financial institution and creating the partnership, the primary criterion for us is to ensure that the bank should be registered in a country which qualifies as secure both in a political and an economic sense. It is similarly important that the bank account should be opened at a bank which is properly integrated into the international financial system as it is an essential precondition for effective daily operation.

Another important factor is that bank secrets must be given excellent protection. Also very important that bank must have Internet banking facilities, credit and debit card solutions and 24-7 customer service.

Tax planning

Tax planning

When our clients have already obtained their new citizenship or residency, their tax situation will be completely different. Normally they will pay much less or absolutely no tax. Those who will move to high tax jurisdictions have to pay more tax. That’s why tax planning is essential for the immigration.

All over the world multinational companies, whose revenues can be as high as the budgets of certain countries, benefit from international tax planning to minimize their tax payments. These tax planning tools are significant part of our services.

We believe that these tools, instead of being exclusive to global enterprises, should also be accessible to individuals, small and medium-sized companies, thus maintaining their competitiveness in today’s globalized world economy.

If the jurisdiction where the client lives or where the company is registered requires the submission of a financial report and a tax return, and auditing is also mandatory, our local offices and partners can perform all the accounting activities for the companies registered by us.

It is essential for compliance with accounting standards that accounting and auditing work should be done by experienced professionals. Thanks to our local offices we can ensure that you or your company will be able to fulfil these obligations in compliance with the accounting and taxation rules of the given country at a high professional level.

Private foundations

Nowadays the private foundations have an essential part in the wealth management and protection. A private foundation can hold together and protect the assets owned by businessmen and their families for future generations. The founders may have in mind the wealth their family members have accumulated over the years or the long-term operation of their business, but they may also establish a private foundation to ensure that their assets are properly managed and, of course, that their future subsistence is assured.

If significant wealth has been accumulated, its owner has a good reason to be concerned with how this wealth could be preserved for future generations. Countries with highly developed capital markets provide several examples of major assets dwindling to nothing in inexperienced hands. It can be thus be ensured that if an unexpected death should occur, the heirs, who may not yet be fully ready or lack the experience for managing the assets, or whose lifestyle is unacceptable for the founder, will not run down their inheritance too soon.

Private foundations can effectively manage more complex investment portfolios that can accumulate in market economies too, and it is important to note that the assets of a private foundation can be removed from the inheritance cycle, which means that death taxes and duties can also be saved.

In order to accomplish the goals, the detailed charter of the foundation makes it possible to provide for the assets in a much more complex and flexible way than in case of a will. The founder of the private foundation can precisely determine, even for several generations, who will be entitled to the assets and under what conditions or to a particular part of the property as well as the benefits stemming from the income generated by it. The foundation can provide security for the assets since the system of payments and support and the associated conditions and guaranties can be freely adjusted. The board of trustees of the private foundation manages the assets and makes sure that the provisions of the charter and the founder are observed.

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