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Advantages of a Second Citizenship and our solutions

A citizen with two or more passports can travel to both or more countries, which certainly takes much less time to process than the normal visa procedure. If someone is citizen of a jurisdiction from where it is very difficult to enter to other countries (like the Schengen area or the US), in this case a second passport can help a lot.

Residency Solutions

Advantages of the Residency Programs and Schemes

About us

Walsh Worldwide is a group of companies dealing with citizenship and residency programs worldwide.

Our group was founded by a group of tax planning professionals who are engaged in the international tax planning and corporate structuring business for more than 22 years. Recently we have identified an increasing demand from our clients for second citizenship or residency. There are numerous reasons why wealthy businessman would like to have a second or third passport, these are personal tax planning, visa free status in connection to certain countries as well as asset protection. We offer personalized solutions to the above need with offering residency and citizenship services to our clients in various jurisdictions.

Other Services

There are important related services to the Immigration solutions. For example the new resident or citizen will need bank account for sure and opening the right account is not so easy without professional help. We help to choose the most efficient and secure bank with the right level of bank secrecy. It can be necessary and of course has its benefits to open a new company too.

We have to mention the real estate solutions because in most of the cases the new resident must purchase or rent a new home. The tax planning is always important because it can be reason for the immigration process.

One of the most important field of the immigration solutions is the property management so our clients can open private foundation with the experts of Walsh Worldwide.


Company formation

Opening bank accounts

Tax planning

Private foundations

Latest news

04Jul 16

If there’s money, there’s a visa: Greek officials seeking investors amongst Syrian refugees

Photo: Ververidis Vasilis / Shutterstock.com The Deputy Foreign Minister of Greece intends to offer Syrian refugees the chance to participate in the investment programme for obtaining a residence permit. Economic […]
30Jun 16

Bulgarian property beginning to attract more investors

Bulgaria is a country with a stable economy and excellent climate. Investment in its real estate is profitable, and prices are steadily rising. Research conducted by Societe Generale Expressbank into […]
27Jun 16

From Schengen countries to Grenada without a visa

More and more countries are entering agreements on the introduction of visa-free travel. Grenada has now abolished visas for the Schengen countries. Negotiations on visa-free travel between the Schengen countries […]
22Jun 16

St. Kitts and Nevis: economic growth higher than expected

St. Kitts and Nevis is a very attractive country when it comes to investment. IMF experts analysed the islands’ economy and were satisfied.   The end of April this year […]
30May 16

Changes in Spanish migration legislation: what awaits non-resident investors registering a residence permit in 2016?

The growth of the attractiveness of Spain for investment is closely linked with the conditions for providing citizenship and residence. Therefore, the authorities are doing everything possible to attract the […]
27May 16

Australia losing the battle for investments due to new immigration rules

Reforms aren’t always a good thing. The number of non-residents wishing to obtain a visa has reduced tenfold, due to the changes introduced to Australia’s popular business immigration programme. Attracting […]
25May 16

Grenada passport: a simple way to US residence

Many know about the possibility of receiving a green­card after obtaining a E-­2 Treaty Investor visa, and many actively use this opportunity. Just $100,000, and the applicant receives a document […]
23May 16

‘Golden visa’ – Portugal interested in rich Russians, Brazilians, and Chinese

Portugal has raised nearly €2bn since 2012, when it launched an investment programme into the country’s economy (the ‘golden visa’ scheme), according to the SEF (Portuguese Immigration and Border Services). SEF said […]
13May 16

Latvian President refuses to accept amendment to immigration law

Latvian President Raimonds Vējonis has not approved amendments to the immigration law, and has returned them to Parliament for reconsideration. These amendments were adopted on April 21st 2016, and should […]

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