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Walsh Worldwide is a group of companies dealing with citizenship and residency programs worldwide.

Our group was founded by a group of tax planning professionals who are engaged in the international tax planning and corporate structuring business for more than 22 years. Recently we have identified an increasing demand from our clients for second citizenship or residency. There are numerous reasons why wealthy businessman would like to have a second or third passport, these are personal tax planning, visa free status in connection to certain countries as well as asset protection. We offer personalized solutions to the above need with offering residency and citizenship services to our clients in various jurisdictions.

We and our partners are licenced in all of the the jurisdictions in connection with which we offer our services, however in some countries the local government or the legislation does not allow foreigners to be licensed, in these states we are in close cooperation with our local partners who hold the relevant licenses.

We at Walsh truly believe that these days the importance of confidentiality cannot be emphasized enough. Unlike other service providers we are not just using this word as a good marketing toll, but we are investing lots of effort time and funds in order to make sure that the sensitive data of our clients is not just kept in a safe place but it also stays there. We are ensuring this with using safe data centres for physical and electronic data as well and also by offering truly confident communication platforms to our clients. The above make it possible that our business stays with us.

Only licenced firms can offer citizenship and residency services, we have all the permits and licences. The Walsh Worldwide has offices in the most of the jurisdictions or we work closely with our partners in other countries, where only local consulting firms have the right for offering citizenship or residency solutions.

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